Unordinary Situations in Sports Betting: What’s Going on With Bets on Postponed or Canceled Matches?

Online betting is generally very easy to do; in fact, with the advent of technology in the sports betting industry, it is now even easier than it was before to place a wager on your favorite sports. Notwithstanding the ease of use, unusual circumstances can occur when sports betting, like placing bets on postponed or canceled games. Let us find out how to bet online and what to do if you wager on an event that is canceled or postponed.

How to Bet Online?

How to Bet Online?

Let us examine how placing an online wager operates before continuing. 

First things first, you will need to choose a bookmaker that seems trustworthy to you. We advise choosing businesses that are licensed and have a large number of positive reviews from actual customers. Those bookmakers could include well-known global brands like 1xBet or regional ones like Bet9ja. The primary bookmakers we will use as examples in our article today are these two. 

Assuming you have chosen a reputable sports book to use, you will need to create a personal account in order to place bets and take advantage of additional features. To accomplish this, just go to your bookmaker’s home page, look for the “Register” or “Sign up” button, enter your details, and confirm your registration. 

Once your registration has been completed successfully, you will need to add money to your balance in order to use it on the website and make bets. You should not have to worry about that because the majority of well-known websites accept a variety of payment options. 

After that, all we can suggest is that you select a bonus from the website’s promotions page and, in particular, make use of your welcome package. You are then free to wager on as many sports as you please. 

Unordinary Situations

Unordinary Situations

Once you have mastered the art of online betting, you should be good to go. But there are a few things you should consider before proceeding, like unusual circumstances you might run into while betting. However, what are these exceptional circumstances? If a player is injured during the game you are betting on and the game is called off or postponed, you must be wondering what will happen to your bets. In sports betting, an additional unusual situation might be a match that you bet on being canceled or even a match where the outcomes were canceled. Let us examine each of these scenarios in more detail and find out what typical actions local and foreign bookmakers take in these kinds of circumstances. 

A Postponed Match

Even though this scenario might seem unusual at first, it is actually one of the most frequent occurrences in the category of unusual sports betting scenarios. Since everything can happen during a game—injuries, weather-related issues, and other emergencies—can happen at any time, sports betting companies are typically pretty understanding of such outcomes. As a result, bookmakers are always prepared for such scenarios. If you’re already a member of the popular Bet9ja sports betting site, you are probably asking yourself, “If a game is postponed, what happens to my bet in Bet9Ja?” Bets on a match that is officially postponed will remain valid as long as the match is finished by midnight on the day that follows the original date, according to the terms and conditions listed on the official website. Within 24 hours, though, all bets will be declared void if it does not happen.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that all wagers related to regular time will stand if the match is interrupted during extra time.

In relation to postponed matches, 1xBet, the industry titan of sports betting, follows nearly identical policies. As per the terms and conditions listed on the website, all bets on a match that is postponed for longer than 48 hours will be deemed void.

You can also specify these rules and regulations at your favorite sportsbook if it’s not Bet9ja or 1xBet but we can tell you in advance that most bookmakers follow pretty much the same rules for postponed matches.

What Happens if the Bets Have Been Accepted After the Beginning?

In such circumstances, the majority of reliable sports betting sites will hardly ever put your money in danger. Your stake will probably be reimbursed to you if you place your wager after the game starts and it is postponed.  This is the most common outcome of events and it pertains to the majority of online bookmakers.

You should review the terms and conditions of the website if the sports betting company you signed up with does not reimburse you. If the platform’s regulations state that you are entitled to a refund, you must be able to contact customer support to initiate the refund process.

A Match Postponed to Another Date

Let us say you wagered on a match that was postponed to a later date after an emergency caused it to be interrupted. You are probably asking yourself again, “If a game is postponed, what happens to my bet in Bet9Ja?” The circumstances are rather obvious in this case. Since Bet9ja has chosen to keep wagers placed during a postponed match valid as long as the match is finished by midnight on the day that follows the original date, if the match is not completed by then, all wagers will be considered null and void. Put simply, the organizers of the event have twenty-four hours to reschedule the game or all bets will be considered void.

The guidelines for 1xBet are essentially the same as well, although they have more accommodating 48-hour time limits in place for this platform.

A Canceled Match 

Canceled matches happen pretty much as often as postponed ones since, again, the world of sports is unpredictable and anything can happen. However, no online sports betting platform has the right to keep the money of their clients to themselves if such situations occur, which is why they have established specific policies that protect the rights of their customers. 

For example, all bets on Bet9ja remain valid and will be paid out at the end of the event, even if it is postponed or suspended. All wagers are void if a tournament is canceled, unless the chosen player has already been eliminated; in that case, they are regarded as losers. Because they can change from one betting market to the next and from one type of bet to another, these regulations are highly particular and crucial to keep in mind. Your wagers on the match will be void if, for example, you place a wager using the “match result” market and it is canceled or a player withdraws before the match begins. The important thing to keep in mind in this situation is that wagers will usually be considered void if a match is canceled.

What Happens if the Bets Have Been Accepted After the Beginning?

The circumstances will be comparable to those of a postponed match if the wagers you made on the canceled match were paid and accepted after that match started. The wagers will undoubtedly be declared null and void, and if the terms and conditions of the bookmaker you chose permit it, you ought to be eligible for a reimbursement. 

In the case of 1xBet, for instance, the organization has very particular guidelines about these kinds of circumstances. The company’s official website states that all wagers are deemed void unless the result of the wager has already been decided. Only the outcome of the first half will be used to settle bets and the wager will be declared null if a game is called off before halftime, unless the markets are determined.

Game Relocation

These problems are less common but are still possible; they are primarily caused by the weather. These kinds of situations arise at least once a year for bettors and players, particularly with football games, which are frequently canceled or moved because of inclement weather or other unfavorable conditions. Football teams, like sports betting companies, typically have procedures and policies in place for such occurrences. They are also ready for potential cancellations and delays due to weather conditions.

Bookies’ relocation policies typically operate in the same manner as their postponed match policies; it all depends on how long the match will take to finish. The bets will remain valid if they are completed within the next 24 or 48 hours, or at any other time, depending on the bookmaker. Conversely, the bets will most likely be regarded as void if the relocation takes longer than that.

The Results of the Match Were Canceled

Although unlikely and infrequent, this situation can still occur, so you should be ready for it. There are occasions when a match may have been completed and payments made, but the outcome of the match may have been later canceled. The majority of these cases are related to mistakes, and it appears that bettors are not being compensated.

If such a problem occurs, the only course of action we can advise is to contact customer service and request a refund. The only way to contact the business and request payment is in that manner. 

What Is the Protocol for Getting a Refund?

What Is the Protocol for Getting a Refund?

You will not have to wait long if the game on which you had bet was canceled or postponed and you would like a reimbursement. The majority of bookmakers typically have a set up system that enables all users to get their money back quickly following the cancellation or postponement of the event. 

But if that does not happen, we advise you to check out the website’s customer care page and get in touch if you need help. 



In conclusion, we can state with certainty that the majority of bookmakers have put in place very understanding and useful policies for their patrons to safeguard them against losing money as a result of postponed or canceled events. Two of the most well-known bookmakers in Nigeria, Bet9ja and 1xBet, have both demonstrated very reasonable terms and conditions regarding such events by setting up refund policies and providing customer support for their customers in the event that an issue arises on their platforms. 

It is important to note that certain events, like the cancellation of a match, are still only loosely under our control. In these situations, bookmakers typically have limited options because the issue is almost always the result of a system glitch. Reaching out to the company on an individual basis is the only way to resolve this issue. 


Unordinary Situations in Sports Betting: What’s Going on With Bets on Postponed or Canceled Matches?

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